The Best Alcohol Subscription Box 2021

Bamboozled by the array of drinks available in the shops? Struggling to keep up with the latest trends in craft beer or small-batch gin? Fancy trying a new tipple but end up reverting to your old favourites? Then an alcohol subscription box could be just the ticket! What could be better than having new exciting new flavours – sourced by experts – delivered to your door? Join us as we explore what to look for in your next alcohol subscription!

Best Wine Subscription

First, a little background. Wine subscriptions have been around for a long time so they’re the most established and often the most competitive alcohol subscriptions available. Back in the days before the internet, wine dealers delivered interesting bottles on a monthly or quarterly basis, but the range was limited and there was very little flexibility. 

Fast-forward to the current day, and the range of wines available online is mind-boggling. Thankfully, the best wine subscriptions take the fuss out of wine shopping, selecting the best bottles and delivering them straight to your door. 


But how do wine subscriptions work?

Many monthly wine subscription services require you to sign up for a certain period, before choosing a full or half box of mixed bottles (red, white and rosé) for delivery each and every month. The idea is that you get to try new or rare wines, vintages or varietals. It often works out cheaper than buying wine off-the-shelf – plus you don’t have the hassle of sourcing them yourself!

Now, we know we’re biased, but drinx.com offers what has to be one of the best wine subscription services out there. Each month, our experts hand-pick a selection of fine wines from vineyards around the world and deliver them to you for free*.

You can pick a white, red or mixed box of either 3 or 6 bottles depending on what you fancy. Dispatched on Wednesdays, your Drinx! wine box should get to you in time for the weekend.

But the best thing about this flexible wine subscription? You can choose how much and how often we deliver – either every one, two or three months. 

Oh, and if you fancy a change, you can switch from our wine subscription box to a gin or beer box whenever you fancy. Cheers!

Best Beer subscription

Know someone seriously into their beer? A beer subscription could be the gift to really wet their whistle! Or, if you fancy a rest from your wine subscription, then beer could provide a perfect alternative.

No longer the staid ‘old man drink’ of yesteryear, craft beer is now exciting and innovative, appealing to women, men and younger drinkers alike. Let Drinx! be your personal discovery club and help you navigate the new school brews.


Our beer can subscription box offers a mix of lagers, pales and IPAs and you’ll get at least two of each. Subscription includes free UK mainland delivery to your home and they’ll arrive in time for the weekend. The specially selected beers come in cans, either 12 or 24 to a box, and offer a good value beer subscription without having to make any tough choices!

Plus, our beer subscription box allows you ultimate flexibility. Simply select the delivery frequency that works best for you – receive a beer subscription box every one, two or three months – or chop and change between beer, wine and gin boxes.

Best Gin Subscription

Gin has had something of a renaissance in recent years, with small-batch distillers producing some tasty examples infused with complex blends of fascinating botanicals. But how do you know which is the best gin to buy?

Thankfully, gin lends itself well to subscription services, so you can sample some of the best bottles available without paying over the odds. Just pick an expert-led gin subscription to sample some of the most exciting brands on the market.


But which is the best gin subscription service?

We recommend looking for good value options that bring you interesting or exclusive gins at less than shop price, with free delivery wherever possible.

And obviously, we also recommend our own gin subscription service! Each box includes one full-size (70cl) bottle of small-batch gin, picked by our team. We even source limited editions that can’t be found anywhere else – but exactly what’s inside remains a surprise until delivery. But never fear, we also include a couple of complimentary mixers so you don’t have to seek out the perfect partner for your G&T when it arrives! 

As with the beer and wine subscription boxes, our gin subscriptions make fantastic presents for an enthusiastic beginner or seasoned sundowner! The super flexible gin subscription service allows you to vary the frequency between one and three months or even rotate between gin, beer and wine. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Start Your Alcohol Subscription Today!

Ready to embark on a voyage of discovery? Find out more about our flexible wine, beer or gin subscriptions and order your first box today!

*UK mainland only

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